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Berwick St James, Rail Fence, Salisbury

Long post fencing  in salisbury, berwick st james completed.


Residential Project


Salisbury, Wiltshire

Project duration:

11th November 2021 - 12th November 2021

Project type:


Residential Project


Residential Fencing

The Background

Stonehenge Forestry & Landscape delivered another successful project for a Salisbury client we had already worked for in the past. We are highly experienced specialists in installing fencing and gates and this project was another opportunity for Stonehenge Forestry & Landscape to demonstrate our manufacturing skills across a wide range of applications. Our client has recently become a new owner of a puppy and needed to ensure that their garden was ‘dog proof’.

The Solution

We supplied and erected a 50m long post and rail fence with wire netting to prevent the puppy from sneaking out. We also installed two gates to enable the client to access their ride on lawnmower as well as to provide pedestrian access.

The property was situated in a village location, so we wanted the fencing to fit in with the Salisbury countryside landscape while being 100% secure. Therefore, we used a post and rail system with a 3-rail setup. 

One hurdle we came across was that the gaps in the gates were too big, allowing the pup to get through. As a solution, we attached chicken wire to the gate and an additional piece of timber at the bottom. 

The Result or Feedback

The client was very happy and satisfied with the end result, leaving them to enjoy letting the dog out in the garden without worrying.

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