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  • Fencing in Andover

Fencing in Andover

From business owners to homeowners, Stonehenge Forestry has everything you need when it comes to gating and fencing in Andover and neighbouring areas.

Whether it is for your garden, commercial property or a farm, we’d be happy to discuss your fencing needs and offer our expert advice alongside a quote.

Below are a number of different types of fencing in Andover we can erect.

Popular types of fencing in Andover

Closeboard fencing in Andover

Closeboard fencing

Closeboard fencing is renowned for its strength and versatility without sacrificing its appearance.

It is often described as being one of the most cost effective types of fencing, due to the solid timber posts and rails. We use quality fully pressure treated timber designed to last 15 years, which if installed correctly is great value for money.

Panel fencing in Andover

Panel fencing

A popular choice of fencing in Andover is panel fencing which comes in a number of different styles. You can opt for a style which provides the much needed privacy you require whilst also looking great and letting in sun and natural light. Traditional panels include Closeboard and lap panels, while more modern designs include woven, interwoven, Arch and double sided panels which look great for both you and your neighbours.

Picket fencing in Andover

Picket / palisade fencing

A picket fence is a traditional style of fence, made from wooden picket pales attached to a rail, with gaps left between the pales to create a demarcation fence.

A picket fence is traditionally installed around front gardens, and improves the appearance and security of a property, as it provides good lines of sight from the house. The stylish design has been popular for many years, and is the perfect option for protecting or marking out boundaries while still allowing light to pass through.

When it comes to gating and fencing in Andover and neighbouring areas, we can also install post and rail fencing, agricultural stock fencing, steel palisade fencing, badger fencing and reptile fencing.

Whichever fencing solution you require, please get in touch.

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