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  • Fencing in Salisbury

Fencing in Salisbury

Stonehenge Forestry can provide and install a wide range of fencing in Salisbury and nearby areas, whether you’re a business, homeowner or landowner. We can additionally offer and install various gating solutions, too!

If you’re unsure on which fencing type would be best suited to your particular situation then we’re more than happy to provide advice and offer a quote.

The following are some of the various types of fencing in Salisbury we can provide.

Some popular options for fencing in Salisbury

Closeboard fencing in Salisbury

Closeboard fencing

We can install Closeboard fencing in Salisbury, with its basic timber vertical slats, Closeboard fencing represent simplicity and allow you to really experiment with your garden without it looking too lavish, because a Closeboard fence will always bring it back to its traditional roots.

Panel fencing in Salisbury

Panel fencing

There are a number of different styles of fencing panels to suit all your privacy requirements, while still allowing sunlight through or simply adding style to your garden. Classic designs are Closeboard panels and lap panels, or more contemporary designs like Arch, double sided, Woven or interwoven panels. Double sided panels can be used to look good from both sides to please you and your neighbours!

Picket fencing in Salisbury

Picket / palisade fencing

Due to its versatile design, a picket fence (or palisade fence as we call it) will blend in to almost all gardens whether they are rural or urban, so it is a great option for use when protecting garden features such as patio areas or ponds.

Our picket fences come in two different styles; either with pointed tops or rounded tops. They are available in traditional kit form – built on site from separate pales, rails and posts, or can be purchased as pre-constructed picket fence panels, which slide easily into slotted posts. A traditional picket fence is ideal for uneven terrains or slopes, as the individual pales can be staggered accordingly to create an even gradient.

In addition, we can also provide post and rail fencing, agricultural stock fencing, steel palisade fencing, badger fencing and reptile fencing in Salisbury and nearby areas.

Whichever fencing solution you require, please get in touch.

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