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Stonehenge Forestry and Landscape supply and erect a wide range of fencing in Salisbury, Andover and Amesbury. As well as fencing we can provide you with a range of gate solutions too!

Whether you're domestic, commercial or agricultural we'd love to share our fencing advice and provide you with a quotation.

Closeboard fencing

Closeboard fence

Closeboard fencing is good for strength and versatility. We can offer various styles of closeboard fencing.

Post and rail fencing

Post and rail fence

A generic term used to describe a solid timber post and rails. The three variations of post and rail include cleft, half-round and square cut.

Agricultural stock fencing

Agricultural stock fence

We provide a wide range of stock fencing to suit your needs.

Steel palisade fencing

Steel palisade fence

Steel palisade fencing is considered to be the most economical system to fence off commercial grounds.

Badger fencing

Steel palisade fence

Badger fencing is available in a variety of heights. It is not only suited to keeping badgers at bay, but keeping them fenced in.

Reptile fencing

Steel palisade fence

Reptile fencing and Amphibian fencing provides protections for slow worms, grass snakes, adders and other protected species.

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