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  • Fencing in Amesbury

Fencing in Amesbury

Stonehenge Forestry has been providing and installing fencing in Amesbury and surrounding areas for many years. As well as fencing we also fit gating solutions.

We have an experienced team and can provide solutions for homeowners, businesses and large holdings. We’re happy to give our expert advice alongside a quote so you know you’re getting the best fencing solution for you.

We will now outline a few of the common types of fencing in Amesbury we install.

A few traditional solutions for fencing in Amesbury

Closeboard fencing in Amesbury

Closeboard fencing

A cost effective choice for many gardens and premises, Closeboard fencing is versatile and strong whilst remaining attractive.

We install pressure treated Closeboard fencing in Amesbury, which when installed properly by experts like us will last 15 years. This makes this particular fencing solution real value for many homeowners and businesses.

Panel fencing in Amesbury

Panel fencing

Traditional styles of panel fencing in Amesbury include the Closeboard type previously mentioned as well as lap panels. If you have a more contemporary garden then woven, interwoven, Arch and double sided panels can be great choices. The double sided option is particularly nice for ensuring both you and the neighbouring property benefit from great looking fencing.

Picket fencing in Amesbury

Picket / palisade fencing

Picket fencing is also known as palisade fencing and suits almost all types of garden.

This type of fencing is also particularly great for sloped gardens and uneven ground when fitted by experts as the posts can be staggered correctly to make an even fence line.

Other types of fencing in Amesbury we can supply and install include agricultural, badger, reptile, post and rail and steel fencing. Remember, we can also fit the perfect the gating solution alongside your fencing.

Whichever fencing solution you require, please get in touch.

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